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As one of the most professional thread taps manufacturers and suppliers in China, Heygo offers many different types of high-quality and custom metal thread taps to our wholesale customers with OEM & ODM service.

What can you get from HEYGO?

61 years of thread tap manufacturer, 305 people, 55 technicians, 25 engineers, will provide you with a 7*24 hours service!

Thread Taps

  • HEYGO thread tap standard: ISO529, DIN 371, DIN376, DIN374, DIN352, JIS, ANSI, GOS……

  • Type: Straight Flute, Spiral Flute, Spiral Point, and Forming thread taps.

  • Material: HSS, HSS-CO, HSS-E, HSS-PM, etc.

  • Coating: Balzers TiN, TiALN, TiCN coating

  • Workpiece: Suitable for steel, stainless steel, cast iron, aluminum, and hardened steel.

  • Both standard and custom products are available



  • OEM your brand: Rich OEM experience for big customers allows us to meet your various requirements.

  • Be our distributor: Whole HEYGO products, 90% stock, supply you quick lead time.

  • Efficient service: you will get our reply within 2 hours.

  • Lead time: You will get 1% of the lead time delay fee, if the lead time is delayed, excluding force majeure

What Types of Thread Taps Do We Have?

Heygo Thread tap Manufacturing Process Video

A thread tap is a tool for generating threads, also known as tapping tool. The thread cutting taps are mainly used to cut or form a concave thread paired with a screw on the internal surface of the hole. The process of using a tap to cut or cutting threads is called a tap.

There are many different types of thread taps need to be used for various applications and purposes. Common thread tap types are the following: Spiral point taps, spiral flute tap, Straight Flute Taps

As a Standard, custom size tapping manufacturer and supplier from China; You can get the spiral point, spiral flute, straight flute taps supplied in bulk quantity with cheap price from Heygo, also custom or special geometry taps can be designed, manufactured, and supplied on customer’s request.

Spiral Point Taps

Spiral point taps are commonly used to make holes throughout metal materials. The spiral point tap has a spiral cut and a release groove. However, spiral taps look like manual taps. However, the helix angle on the front cutting edge helps eject chips, and the angled edges also have excellent cutting performance.

Spiral point machine taps are specially designed for high-speed production, and spiral taps may be the cheapest thread tapping for power tapping and have a faster running speed than manual tapping.

Spiral Flute Taps

Spiral flute taps are taps similar to twist drills because they have an open spiral shape. Due to the good drilling ability of spiral groove taps in blind holes, they are widely used in high speed, automatic tapping, and other drilling applications.

Spiral flute machine tap is commonly used in machines, aluminum, and mild steel metals. When using spiral flute taps, the depth and accuracy of the thread are higher, because its special shape allows chips to be efficiently and cleanly discharged from the hole.

Generally, the advantages of spiral flute taps include the following:

  • It can effectively prevent chips from accumulating at the bottom of the hole.
  • When the machining process is interrupted, restarting tapping becomes easier.

Straight Flute Taps

Straight fluted taps are the most affordable and simplest taps. The tap is designed for manual or hand use, and the thread on the tap is straight. Besides, this tap is also suitable for through holes or blind holes.

Some advantages of straight fluted taps include:

  • All-in-one features may reduce the number of tools required.
  • It is very suitable for metal materials such as cast iron that will produce short chips.
  • According to your needs, it can be transitioned from machine to tap wrench.

Optional Thread Tap Material We Can offer

15941151261 300x120 - THREAD taps

HSS Threading Taps

  • HSS-high speed steel taps provide excellent wear resistance.
  • The HSS tap set price is less than cobalt taps.  IT’s an economical solution for most maintenance tapping applications.
  • HSS tap can provide a right solution for tapping internal threads in soft/middle steels, ferrous and nonferrous materials.
  • HSS thread Taps are not suitable for tapping metal threads in materials with hardness above HRC 46.
HSS E Taps 300x120 - THREAD taps

HSS-E Taps

  • HSS-E taps are made of high-speed steel, carbon, vanadium carbide, and other alloys, but the HSS-E thread tap has more vanadium content. It Has better wear resistance and toughness than HSS taps.
  • HSSE tap can be used for tapping threads stainless steel, hardened steel, high silicon aluminium, and other hard materials.
  • The main disadvantage of vanadium high-speed steel(HSSE) taps is that they are more brittle than standard HSS taps
HSS E Cobalt Taps 300x120 - THREAD taps

Cobalt Taps

  • HSCO Cobalt tap is an upgraded version of HSS tap because it contains 5-8% cobalt
  • Compared with HSS taps, the cobalt thread tap has better wear resistance, higher hot hardness, and toughness.
  • Cobalt taps run 10% faster than HSS taps, with little or no chipping
  • Cobalt HSCO is an economical material, and cobalt taps can be used for tapping threads in cast iron, steel, and titanium alloys.

Optional Thread Tap Coatings We Can offer

TiCN (Titanium Carbon Nitride)

TiCN coated taps are stiffer, more wear-resistant, and have higher speeds than most other coated thread taps.

TiCN-coated thread taps are commonly used for tapping in stainless steel, cast iron, aluminum alloy, and some difficult-to-tap steels. It has obvious advantages in the processing of steel workpieces.

Black Oxide

Black Oxide is a black surface coating that improves heat resistance, reduces friction, as well as improving the flow of material out and increases chip flow.
Black oxide thread taps are used for tapping in alloy steels, carbon steel, composition board, wood, and plastic workpieces.

TiN (Titanium Nitride)

Titanium Nitride (TiN) is a general-purpose coating. TIN coated taps can be run at higher speeds than uncoated taps. It can increase tap life by up to five times that of an uncoated tap.
TiN Thread taps also provide additional resistance to heat damage and reduces friction in the tap head, which offers high lubricity and increases chip flow in softer materials.

TiAlN (Titanium Aluminum Nitride)

TiAlN coated taps(titanium aluminium nitride) are purple-black, PVD technology. It is mainly used for threading cast iron, cast aluminium, and other wear-resistant material workpiece castings.

This coating is generally preferred under harsh conditions.

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Quality is the life of an enterprise. As a professional thread tap manufacturer in China, Heygo staff will adhere to the most stringent production system to provide distributors and customers with consistent product quality, reduce customer quality complaints, and work together to expand market share.

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Commonly Asked Questions About Thread Taps

The tap drill is a type of cutting tool for processing internal threads, also known as screw taps, or thread taps.

From the shape, it can be divided into Straight Flute Taps, Spiral Flute Taps, Spiral Point Taps, and form taps.

From the usage, it has a hand tap and machine tap.

From the standard, it has ISO, DIN, JIS, and UNC, etc.

It means the hole machined in an object does not penetrate through the whole entity

Blind hole means the hole machined in an object does not penetrate through the whole entity, while through-hole does.

According to the pitch of the thread tap, the drill will need an 8.5-9mm size.

According to the size of hole, it will need M1-M52

It is usually used to cut threads in a hole that has already been partially threaded using one of the more tapered types of tap, generally thread blind hole.

Machine tap usually refers to HSS tap, which is suitable for tapping on machine tools;

Hand tap refers to a carbon tool tap, which is suitable for manual tapping.

Machine taps generally used by 1pcs. Hand taps are generally used by 2pcs/3pcs for one set.

The flute of the taps is the channel for chip removal. During threading, there will generate high heat, the flute will help the coolant oil into the hole to reduce the heat and increase the performance of the taps.

No, hss drill bit is used on Metal.

Yes, cobalt drill bits are harder, with higher precision and more wear-risisting. And they belong to middle- high HSS drill bits.

Need Help For OEM & ODM Custom Thread Taps Price?

Our support teams are available to help with product requirements and offer you our best thread tap price for any quantity, please give us a call +86 -86 373 7876193 or contact our team to discuss your requirements.

Let’s Learn About Thread Taps

How To Choose The Suitable Thread Taps?

How to choose the right thread and tapping the right threads that you need? You need to consider the following factors:

1. The type of thread Hole: a blind hole or through-hole.

The thread tapping ability will depend on whether the thread you want to make is a blind hole or a through-hole. Blind holes need to penetrate to a certain depth, but will not penetrate the workpiece to the other side, while the through-hole will penetrate the workpiece to the other side. So please first determine the type of threaded hole you want to make.

2, Fluting types: Straight flute or Spiral flute

Many thread taps have channels cut into flutes to guide the discharge of chips. Different flute types can evacuate chips or pull them out and away from the tool. These chip flutes are valuable, depending on whether you want to make blind holes or through holes.

3. The material of thread Taps

The material of the tap will also affect your tap selection. For example, the material hardness of some machined parts may be more durable than the tapping material. How the workpiece material forms chips are also necessary. When used in combination with specific taps, some materials will form short chips, while others will form spiral chips.

4. Thread tap types

The thread cutting tap types will be used on the type of hole to be threaded. There are four main types of thread taps:

  • Straight flute tap: It can be used for the blind hole and through-hole
  • Spiral pointed taps: used for through-hole production.
  • Spiral flute taps: used for blind hole production
  • Forming taps: used for blind holes and through holes.

Thread tap types - THREAD taps

5.  Thread standards

There are five different standards for tapping tools: ISO, ANSI, DIN, DIN/ANSI, and JIS.

  • DIN and ISO thread standards are widely used all over the world
  • ANSI thread standards are mainly used in the US market,
  • JIS thread standard is mainly used in the Asian market.
  • The OAL (full length) of ISO, ANSI, and JIS is very short and very similar, except that the diameter of the shank is different.

Why choose Heygo Tools?

1, Good performance and stability

As one of the professional thread taps manufacturers and suppliers in China, Heygo started the business from 1959. With rich experience, we have a stable raw material supplier. As the No. 1 high-speed steel manufacturer in China, Heye Technology is also a strategic partner of our company for nearly 20 years. It has proper market recognition in domestic and international markets. Not only this, but we also have a strict inspection during each step in the production.

2, Abundant inventory and fast delivery time

We have a special workshop for production. And there are some automation machines, which can guarantee the production speed. For standard products, we have many stocks in our warehouse, so after receiving the payment, we can send out the products quickly.

3, The heat treatment level of our factory has unique advantages

Excellent temperature control management and monitoring ensure the stability of heat treatment. The unique mature high quenching and high tempering also better guarantees the base of high-speed steel.

4, Perfect technical guidance

We can give your comprehensive technical guidance because we have our research and development dept.


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