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Types of cutting tools – heygo products

HSS Drills

The product range stretches from Ø 0.5 mm to special solutions with Ø 100 mm and from HSS to HSS-E. Our variety of drilling tools is suitable machining center and production line,not only for generall steel, but also hard cutting steel. One choice, more widespread application. Let’re the drills do the talking by itself, contact us for FREE SAMPLES.

Taps Series

High accuracy, High efficiency, Outstanding chips exhaust, Extra fine thread flanks. Specially desgined lead threads, flute shape and thread length upgrade machining efficiency while reducing the tool consumption. Excellent for auto industrial and mold and die steel. What brand Heygo taps could battle? Just a message, response will be within 2 hours!

Indexable Drilling

Indexable drills are your right solution for lowering costs, it’s perfect solution for a numerous of materials such as carbon and alloy steel, stainless steel, cast iron, and non-ferrous materials. Had i been compared with other famous brothers? Contact my guardian, they will give you suprise after you test and supply test report!

Solid End Mills

Unmatched cutting performance, Long tool life and high process security to demanding parts production in industry segments such as aerospace, medical, mold and die, and power generation. LOL, I had not battle with other big “bro”. But my heygo family is good, so try me!

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