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  • Drill Bits Manufacturer – Heygo Tools is a professional and high-quality drill bits manufacturer in China, Heygo offers different types of customized drill bits and thread taps for metal drilling application. 
  • As Our Drill Bit Distributors And Agent: you can get high quality, customized, and multi-purpose drill bits with competitive price for your market and drilling application.
  • Free Drill Bits Samples For Your Test And Reference: ODM & OEM service for your own brand with your LOGO, packaging, and company information.

As A Leading Drill Bits Manufacturer – What We Have

We have focused on exporting and manufacturing drill bits in the cutting tools industry with over 60 years of experience.

We have invested in drill bit production technologies and facilities with the aim of permanently increasing our productivity.

We have built a fully automated CNC grinding center, which gives the highest precision and flexibility in the production of our metal drill bit tools.

High Quality Rounds from Famous supplier

High Quality Rounds from Famous supplier 1 - Frontpage

High-Quality Rods From Famous Supplier

World-class Heat Treament Technology

World class Heat Treament Technology - Frontpage

World-class Heat Treatment Technology

CNC Machine Equipments

CNC Machine Equipments - Frontpage

CNC Machine Equipments

Unique Design for DrillsTaps

Unique Design for DrillsTaps - Frontpage

Unique Design For Drill Bits & Thread Taps

Experienced R&D Team

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Experienced R&D Team

You can get the first-class drill bit products, technology, repair services, and all other support requirements from us.

Also, you can become our a very mature, and perfect, win-win distributors in your country

For foreign markets, we are looking for capable and ambitious cutting tools distributors to carry out in-depth cooperation with us.

What Types of Drill Bits Do We Offer?

As a professional drill bits manufacturer in China, Heygo offers different types of drill bits for metal, and another multi-purpose drilling, milling, and tapping.

Why Choose Heygo Tools

Free Drill Bits & Thread Taps Samples

You can get the drill bits & thread taps samples that you want to test according to your drilling application requirements

OEM & ODM Service

You can customize different materials, coatings, functions, and types of drill bits & thread taps for different workpieces with your brand information.

7/24-Efficient Support Service

Our drill bits & thread taps services team will be online 24/7 to provide you with the best support. Get a free quote or ask any questions.

Comprehensive Technical Guidance

As a drill bits & thread taps manufacturer with 60 years of experience. You can get the most suitable market suggestions and drill bits & thread taps solutions for your business 

Want Free Drill Bit Samples or More Support?

Our support teams are available to help with product requirements and offer you our best drill bits price for any quantity, please give us a call +86 -86 0373 7876193 or contact our team to discuss your requirements.

What Do Our Customers Say About Us?

How To Choose The Best Drill Bits Manufacturer In China?

For the HSS drill bit, the brand of HSS material in China has HEYE, Tiangong, Fuda, Jinggong, Fugong.

Different brand of HSS material supplier has a different quality level. The best one is Heye with long stability performance than Tiangong.

So if a drill bits manufacturer ensures to use material from such a brand, then the quality is not bad. Let the supplier supply the quality of certification of HSS rods would be a wise way.

The heat treatment is the core factor of the HSS tools. Without stable heat treatment, the performance will also be up and down.

In China, many factories are doing heat treatment outside. If a factory has its heat treatment, the quality can be ensured someway.

Heygo heat treatment has strict control for the temperature and metallographic structure inspection for every 30 minutes.

You can check our heat treatment video to know more about heat treatment.

The machining process and the quality control for each operation, decide the precision of the drill bit and thread taps.

From operators, workshop technical director to an inspector, and QC director, HEYGO has series training and strict quality control system.

If you want to see how we make quality control for our machining, welcome to check our quality control video for our machining.

When a factory has its technician and R&D team, that means they can supply timely and efficient technical support for distributors and end-users.

Heygo has 25 products engineers, 55 technicians, which allow us any time, when customer need, we could guide online or visit end customers within 24 hours.

Time says nothing; time says anything. If a drill bits manufacturer can exist for more than 30 years, it has its reasons and strength.

HEYGO, more than 60 years, has been accumulated rich producing and market experience, as well as brand reputation.

It can rich your products series, increase your profit, make you have a good sleep.

So when choosing the drill bits manufacturer or supplier, a visiting and times of tools testing are necessary.

Stable quality tools, quick, high efficient service, on-time lead time and excellent after-sale service are the best drill bits manufacturer ‘s characters.

Listen To What Our Clients Say About Our Drill Bits


Bry from UK

“Hello mate, Used the 12.70mm bit yesterday.  It’s a very good bit, hard yet not brittle.

It has chipped on the cutting edges however I’ve reground and used again. I’d say yes it’s a nice quality bit, I was using a cordless so I can’t complain about it chipping on the leading edge n Sunday, ​

Sandip from India

“Sample of HSS Drills Dia 10.1 was performance is so good… In first attempt 170 nos. After regrinding the drill also 170nos, 10% higher than Addison brand ..”

Digvijay from India for Carbid drills of 6.6mm

“Hello dear good afternoon, the trail of the solid carbide drill bit is complete, Same life as Kennametal, 390 pes.

Mr Phil from Germany

In the meantime, the ordered item of Indexable U drill and spot drills was tested, we are satisfied with it, wonderful drill bits manufacturer! We will order more in the future”

Bal from Australia

“ Dear Amanda, we have received your samples and carried out some test, the taper shank drill cobalt the quality is acceptable”

Pavel from Russia for Spiral Flute taps

“To date, we believe the result is acceptable, the brand Heygo shows itself yet competitive. We will continue to test in your tool.  

Ales from Slovenia:

“The tools of Indexable U drill and carbide drill are for now working perfectly, i don’t have any complaints” 

Professional drill bits test from our largest customer in the UK